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Wine & Vine Event

Since early civilisations, we have had a love for WINE. The biggest obstacle we have always faced is where to find it and how to get more!

Wine & Vine is the answer to your dreams.

Wine & Vine was established to bring together some of Australia’s best and boutique winemakers and customers under one roof.

We encourage wine drinkers and makers from all backgrounds to have fun, learn about wine and regions, create new audiences, and establish relationships with great brands.

Customer Experience

From the moment you walk in the door, you will be “wowed” by the exceptional choice you have. You will receive unlimited access during your time frame to many wineries, all wanting you to taste, enjoy, experience and hopefully purchase their amazing product. There will be exclusive discounts on the day for bottle and case purchases, as well as the opportunity to create an ongoing relationship through their VIP wine clubs.

As you wander through the seemingly endless stalls of wine-makers, you will also find some great products as well as some unbelievable activities you can do when visiting our local Wine Regions. This will range from Hot Air ballooning to motorbike tours and day tours to Event and reception centres and 5-star accommodation.

To top it all off, you can then sit in our courtyard with your bottle, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the afternoon or evening listening to some great live music and DJ’s.

Wine Maker Experience

You will have access to a blend of customers, including wine-lovers and those excited to dip their toes into the wide world of wine, all waiting to taste your product and support the local wine regions. Each section will be allocated according to the region, allowing you to work collectively with your wine-making neighbours – which will attract future traffic to each region.

Each exhibitor has the creative liberty to run their stall as they please, with the options of 2m or double frontage 4m stalls. We encourage each winery to optimise their space for their individual purpose – whether it be to increase your brand awareness or simply increase sales. This is a unique chance to be able to sell individual bottles for enjoyment on the day, sell cases to new customers, and create connections through your own VIP Clubs. With ample foot traffic and exposure, you are sure to reap benefits on the day as well as far into the future.

Stall Holder Experience

Create an immersive brand experience with an individual stall catered to your product. This is available for any exhibitor that is not a winery, including: Local produce, events, tours, experiences and much more.

This is an opportunity to hand out exclusive deals, reach a new audience and establish yourself within the community.

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